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Cool Edit Pro 2.1

Cool Edit Pro 2.1 Free Download

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Cool Edit Pro is an audio utility for editing digital sound

Cool Edit Pro is a MP3 and audio software that allows users to edit, mix, and record digital sounds; and then to add effects to them obtaining professional results. Today it is known as Adobe Audition.

Cool Edit Pro allows multitrack edition, being possible to mix up to 128 tracks at the same time. Similarly, files size won’t be a limit in performance, as it is possible to edit up to 2G audio archives.

Files can be transferred to tapes, vynils, DVDs, and even Blu-Ray. Besides, it accepts plugins to expand its capability.

Main functions

Apart from standard functions such as cutting and pasting, combining or cropping audio files, users will be able to create special effects and MIDI polyphonic sounds, reverb and group tracks, remove noise from audio or mute, add 3D echos or chorus, preview results, etc.

Cool Edit Pro has support over 25 formats, such as RAW, DBL, WAV, IFF, AIF, TXT, VOC, DWD, MP3, AU, WMA or PCM, among some others; so you won’t have to worry about compatibility while using this program

Its interface may seem a little bit complicated for those using the program for the first time or novice users when it comes to editing software. However, Cool Edit Pro offers a set of tutorials to help them to start using it; a learning process that will be complemented with interface’s functional style, which makes things easier once you get the basic knowledge.

Similar software

If you really got into Cool Edit suite, there are some other alternatives such as Cool Record Edit. It is an audio recorder which can edit CD, MP3, WAV, WMA formats and allows converting them when desired.


Cool Edit Pro is an audio utility for digital sound edition. With it, users will be able to explore the possibilities audio files offer without worrying about their size or format.

You can only use it 21 days


  • High format compatibility
  • Great variety of effects
  • Supports big sized files


  • Complicated for novice users
  • Installation takes some time

free download